While seemingly mindless, titan have some measure of cunning, that you will discover especially toward the end of the campaign.

Threat is one of the main way titans communicate information ; it make them avoid your dangerous tower and choose safe path.

How it is generated Edit

Turret threat Edit

Each time a titan is killed by a turret, it create a small amount of threat on its death spot, depending on the turret. Blaster does not cause threat this way, others turret do depending on their power, with Heavy weapon doing the most.

Tangleweb threat Edit

If a titan die while entangled, its death spot is awarded the maximum possible amount of threat. It is far more than any tower do.

Scarecrow threat Edit

Scarecrow immediately put the area surrounding it to maximum threat. This is why titans will usually give a wide berth to Scarecrows. Note that this effect is useless if they are no other route to what the titan seek seek.

Mines threat Edit

Unknown for yet, but seem to be the same as turrets.

What it do Edit

  • If the titan can avoid the area without losing too much time, it will do so. Note that they may at first avoid the straight pass but still be in range ; they do not look at the offending object but only to the spot where titans have died.
  • If there is no other route, or if it would take too much time to avoid the area, it will sprint throught it. Especially noticeable with titans like Loricatus Gigantus that can sprint very fast.

Caveat and tips Edit

  • Titans only look at the threat rating. That mean that a Laser that have been busy killing unarmored titan will scare heavily armored titan that are immune to laser.
  • Titans will not change goal in any case. It mean that Aggressive titan will still try to attack a Scarecrow, usually by going straight for it since all the area is high-threat. Also, that's why Scarecrow will not protect your base.