Type Miscellaneous
Cost $50
Requires Exotic Textiles
Leads To None
Hitpoints 0
Production(?) 20 (Max 80 (confirmation needed))
Effect Slows advancing Titans

Tangleweb is a Miscellaneous type Barricade in Revenge of the Titans. Unlike other barricades, Tanglewebs allow Titans through but will slow them down in the process.

Tanglewebs are subject to Production limits, 20 are produced per mission and a maximum of 80 (confirmation needed) can be kept in stock. They affected by Extra Barricades (confirmation needed).

Tangleweb will change the pathing of titans. Titans will usually try to take the quickest path to your base, and consequently avoid the tangleweb, often directly in your turret or refinery. Use it on unavoidable chokepoints, or as a cheap Scarecrow knock-off.

Explosives - Cretus Flammus, Rockets, Mines and such - will destroy Tangleweb in the blast area. Nanohardening may prevent this but it is unconfirmed.

Boss are unaffected by Tangleweb. Since they already are slow and ponderous, you won't really need it anyway. Whether they affect boss pathing is unknown.

Flying titan and Wraith titan are unsurprisingly unaffected. Hatchling aren't affected, too.