Type Miscellaneous
Cost $250
Requires Xenopsychology
Leads To None
Hitpoints 3
Effect Diverts Titans marching path

Scarecrows are Miscellaneous type buildings in Revenge of the Titans that, as their namesake suggests, scare Titans away from approaching. They work by imitating a group of high-threat batiment (like turrets) that mosts Titans would naturally avoid as much as possible. If they can't find a better route to their target, they will accept to pass near the scarecrows.

Due to their low cost and lack of production limits these buildings are great for protecting outlying Refinery clusters, or simply direct the titans flow to your turret. When using them, don't forget that aggressives titans like Occulus Enormus will attack them as if they were turrets ; Mines or Cloaking Device can be pretty useful in this case.

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