Type Add-On
Cost $250
Requires Automation
Leads To Precision Mechanisms (with Research Grant)
Hitpoints 12
Effect +1 Turret Reload Speed

The Reloader is an Add-On building in Revenge of the Titans. For each Turret in range of the Reloader the reload time will be decreased (see Effectiveness for exact amounts per turret).

Like the Cooling Tower and the Battery, the Reloader increase the number of shot fired by a tower each minute. In term of pure rate of fire, he is the less efficient of the three, but by lowering the reload time you ensure a more constant stream of bullet.

He is specially effective for heavy weapon, who are plagued by extremely long reload. With the Precision Mechanisms and 4 reloader, you can pass from 30 secondes to 7.5 seconde, which is very impressive and not that far from a "normal" turret.

The Reload exotic powerup can only appear after you get Reloader


Turret Base reload time Time per Reloader Full buffed reload time
Blaster 10s -1s 5.5s (-45%)
Heavy Blaster 10s -1s 5.5s (-45%)
Multi-Blaster 20s -2.5s 8.75s (-56%)
Blast Cannon 10s -1s 5.5s (-45%)
Spreader Cannon 15s -2s 6s (-60%)
Assault Cannon 20s -2.5s 8.75s (-56%)
Rockets 30s -2.5s 18.75s (-37.5%)
Laser 30s -5s 7.5s (-75%)
Disruptor 30s -5s 7.5s (-75%)

The fully buffed reload time is the time to reload the tower with 4 Reloader and the Precision Mechanisms research.

No tower can reload in less than one second, regardless of the number of exotic powerup you use. That's pretty theorical, since you would need 2-6 reload power up in addition to 4 reloader to hit this limit.

As far as add-on go, they are much harder to get than the other, meaning it is the one you are more likely to skip. However, if you dig heavily into droid research you should try to grab it.