Type Refining
Cost $250
Requires N/A
Leads To Efficiency
Hitpoints 5
Effect +$10/3sec for each nearby Crystal(?) (for only one, you can tell by the extracting laser it produces when near mines. Only one laser even if it's close to other mines)

The Refinery is a Refining building in Revenge of the Titans. Refineries play a pivotal role in the game as they provide funds during missions for which to purchase more turrets and buildings. When placed near Crystals the refinery will automatically begin collecting income at a rate of $10 every 3 seconds.

Crystal clusters can only be gathered by 4 Refineries at a time, any additional placed within radius will not work on the same crystal. Placing a Refinery within range of multiple Crystals will not cause the Refinery to gather from more than one cluster, instead it will work on them one at a time. This has an advantage of an increased cost-benefit ratio but less income generated (at a time) and possibly more Crystals left when the mission ends.


The refinery can be made more efficient with the following buildings and research.

As with all "Add-On" type buildings Reprocessors and Collectors can enhance multiple buildings within proximity. Placing them in the middle of a circle of Refineries can greatly increase money generated.


Earlier versions of the game required you to micromanage the collection of resources from refineries. This supplied you with pools of money instead of the collection rate that has now been implemented. Should a refinery have filled up it would cease crystal collection until the player clicked on it.

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