Malus Rex
Malus Rex
Hit Points 72+
Armour None
Strength 6
Speed 20-60 mph
Weight 1140 T
First Discovered Mars 21
Special Traits Aggressive
Similar Species Occulus Enormus

Thoses enormous beasts can cause a lot of troubles. They are aggressives, meaning they will attack whatever is nearest. And unlike its predecessors the Occulus Enormus, it's unarmored but can soak an incredible amount of damage before dying.

To deal with this monster, you need a lot of firepower, either Reactor-backed Multi-Blaster, Assault Cannon, or Lasers, to remove its massive HP pool.

You then need a way to prevent them from destroying your defenses, since like all smart Titans, they will go straight from them. High-grade barricades are unlikely to be enough, so you'd better either use Assault Cannon to stun him or Decoy to lure him and make them pass in front of your turrets.

In both case, don't underestimate its gigantic amount of life point. They have two time more life than the second non-boss titan, and can easily have more than 100 HP, meaning even orbital strike won't kill them in one shot!

For extra inconveniences, they can spawn an hatchling from time to time. This is very similar to the micro Ixodidae from Regina Ixodidae except that the Malus Rex spawn them as long as a live (whereas Regina spawn only on death) and that thoses annoyances targets your nearest building instead of your base.

Laser, especially coupled with 4 Reactor, will kill them in one or two shot, and Malus Rex is one of the few non-boss titan where the absrud damage of the laser can be put to good use.