Leviathan-Class Titan
Hit Points Base 250 ; average ~850
Armour 4
Strength Infinite
Speed 6-15 mph
Weight Heavy
First Discovered Moon 20
Special Traits Armoured, boss.
Similar Species Gidrus Saturnus

The Leviathan is the Moon boss titan and you need to take care of it before flying to Mars.

See here for information on boss titans ; this one is very similar to Megatitan apart from being lightly armored . It should not cause problem by itself, but you will have to deal with all his friends, too.

The light armor he sport is not hard enough to make it a major threat ; usually, Multi-Blaster and Laser will be the best way to kill him, and can deal quite a lot of damage rather quickly.

You will encounter two other Leviathans, one on Saturn and the other on Titan. At this point it should not cause any trouble.