Cretus Enormus
Cretus Enormus
Hit Points base 16 ; 16-48
Armour 16
Strength 8
Speed 15-45 mph
Weight 180 T
First Discovered Saturn 32
Special Traits Smart
Similar Species Regina Ixodidae

These bomb-like titans are slow and heavily armored, and attack by exploding , lightly damaging buildings in a huge area, one damage per explosion.

Regardless of what say the advisors, they don't explose at all when killed, they have to complete their attack to do so. Their blast can however hit building throught a wall.

They sport an incredible 16 armor, making them nearly unkillable even by Blast Cannon. Solutions are the following:

  • A lot of Blast Cannons with four reactors. While being more than enough for the smaller Cretus Flammus, the Cretus Enormus has too much life for this to be effective
  • Using explosives. Mines, Cluster Mines, Rockets will all kill these in one hit. They will explode when killed by explosives, so keep them clear of buildings.
  • Using the Disruptor, which ignores armor and does great damage.
  • Researching Nanohardening or Shield Generator to negate the damage of their explosions. It's by far the most efficient solution - a single shielded blaster will take care of any number of Cretus Enormus, but be careful if unshielded buildings are in the titans' range.