Boss Titans each first apear at the end of each world, they all are very large , hevey and have alot of HP. You often have to attack them all the way on their approach because of this. Because they can quickly destroy a whole base in one hit.

Bosses come in many forms and abilities, but they do share some rules:

  • They can destroy everything, including your base , in one hit. Shield powerup will not help you on that matter.
  • They will come from a randomly chosen lane. The lane will not spawn other titan.
  • They have a life bar, so you can monitor how quickly you're killing them.
  • They take reduced explosives damage. Instead of the full amount of damage, they take a random amount between 1 and the normal amount of damage.
  • They gain additional HP depending on the distance between the spawn point and your base. This can theorically multiply his HP by up to 4.26, but real-game example will be more or less in the 1.5-2.5 range. This multiplicatively can multiply with the difficulty modifier : If you have a difficulty modifier of x3 and the distance-based bonus is x3, the boss will come with 9 time the HP.
  • They will award you money on death, $1000 times the world number.

They behave like regular Titan for everything else.You will encounter one boss on the last level of every world ; sometime they are mid-world boss on other missions. You never encounter more than one type of boss on a mission, and only the Megatitan is encounter multiple times in one level.

Known Boss TitansEdit