Blast Cannon
Blast Cannon
Type Turret
Cost $750
Requires Phase Amplifiers
Leads To None
Firerate 24-48/min
Damage 8
Armour Piercing 8
Ammo 6(+6/Battery)
Reload Time 10s(-1s/Reloader)
Hitpoints 12
Stun Time 2/15s

The Blast Cannon is a Turret in Revenge of the Titans. The turret is the most damaging 'Blaster Round' based turret due in part to its armour piercing capabilities.

It can be very useful against armored titans, because of its high damage and armor penetration that minimize the impact of armor, but its damage output is not very good against unarmored target.

With the X-Ray Scanner, the Blast Cannon is one of the most powerful anti-ghost turret, because the damage against a Wraith heavily depend on the armor piercing capability ; the Blast Cannon will usually do 11 damage per shot when Multi-Blaster will do only 3 and Heavy Blaster 7.